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Life is so Precious!

Perhaps the life is too hard for you.
Don’t lose hope. Life was never easy for anyone.
The people who lived before you faced everything that you are facing.
And countless people are going through their tough times, right now.
Who says the life is a bed of roses? Our earthly life is full of problems and challenges.

You need to cross over the rivers of difficulties, and climb on the mountains of troubles.
You need to face the storms. The winds and the waves will be against you.
What must you do?
Have courage! Overcome the storms of life and live!
Let your troubles make you stronger.

The earthly life is like an ongoing war. It does not cease till your last breath.
Be a warrior, a courageous soldier! Fight the battles of life!

Never give up!
A dead fish flows with the current. It takes a strong fish to flow against the current.

Be good to your fellow human beings. Be kind to the poor & needy.
Live for yourself. Live for your family. Live for your country.

Be hardworking and honest.
Love moral values, stay away from alcohol and drugs. Don’t be addicted to anything.
Hate every form of immorality. Hate pornography.

Don’t get into a time-pass love affair or extramarital affair.
Get married and be faithful to your spouse.

Prepare for the afterlife. Yes, there is life after death. Find out what it means.
Heaven and hell are real places. Find out who can save you from hell.
A man is an immortal spirit living in a mortal body. Someday you will leave your body.
You will stand before God the Creator, on the day of judgment. Are you ready for that?

Wish you an everlasting life!
Life is so Precious!

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