Have A Safe Journey


Wish You a Safe Journey!

Safety Guidelines:
1# Wisely plan your journey
2# Book your To-and-Fro tickets, reserve the hotel rooms.
3# If it’s winter season, take warm clothes and a hot water bottle.
4# Take a set of bedsheets and pillow covers. Sometimes it’s good to use these instead of using the clothes available in the hotels.
5# Take a small carry bag for toiletries (for soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
6# Stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings.
7# Don’t trust anyone.
8# Don’t eat anything given by the strangers.
9# Stay calm & cool. Don’t misbehave with anyone, because you must NOT get into trouble in a distant place/land.
10# Don’t smoke/drink. Don’t cause trouble to other people.
11# While traveling don’t take the responsibility for anyone’s belongings (bags etc)
12# Drink a lot of water. Avoid unhealthy food. Take care of your health.
13# Don’t mingle with unknown people. Maintain social distancing. This is pandemic time.
14# Strictly follow the rules issued by authorities wherever you go.
15# Don’t play songs on your mobile and make noise. It irritates others. Nobody will entertain the songs of your choice because everyone has a mobile and everyone has his own choice. Use earphones.

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